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Contemporary Coastal Abstract Art

Inspired by the Sea

Hi, I’m Melissa Marquardt. I am a contemporary artist working with acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. I am all about the color blue. All shades. All the time. I find my inspiration in nature among the southern California coastline and have a deep connection with the horizon line, it keeps me grounded. My personal goal is to create works of art that give collectors a feeling of peace and tranquility, intending never to paint a specific location, but to allow the paint to dictate the scene and transport each individual to a place in their own memory or imagination.

Upcoming Events

Ocean Depths CU-1500.jpg

Carlsbad ArtWalk

September 21 - 22
Carlsbad, CA


Art San Diego

October 10 - 13
San Diego, CA

Sandstorm CU-1500.jpg

The Privateer coal fire Pizza

Oceanside, CA


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